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Introducing Our Salon + Spa

Well… Here we are everyone. We did it. We are now a fully operational Salon and Spa. We won’t say there were no tears or blood involved because this adventure definitely came with a lot of sacrifices. Every sacrifice becomes worth it. When each client walks through our doors and has a look of happiness and excitement, it makes each challenge we faced, a little more rewarding. It has been a roller coaster of events and we are so grateful to our clients, friends and family for supporting our team through this change.

When you begin an adventure of expanding a tiny salon into a full service spa and salon while also giving up your home to do so, there come a lot of surprises, challenges and lessons. Great things have bloomed from this tiny dream we planted here in the quaint town of Slave Lake. With more nurturing we hope to grow and become an establishment of the community. We are one step closer now.

Without a challenge we can’t grow, so in a way we’re glad we faced so many. Taking some lessons from life we now understand a few things, a little more.

Greatness doesn’t come easy. We had to work tirelessly to revamp our business model so we could poise ourselves to become what we set out to be! Time and effort were a currency we paid dearly in.

Love what you do otherwise the sacrifice you put in will never measure up. Without our love for our clients and the industry this dream would have fallen flat as soon as we hit our first hurdle. It’s that love that gets you out of bed and ready to go, even on the bad days.

Always stay true to yourself. The dream you have is yours and only you truly know what will make you happy. Yes, there are changes to the plan, but we learnt that every crossroad we hit warranted reflection. This allowed us to make sure we were still staying true to who we are.

Get help wherever and whenever you can. We learned this really quickly. Thank you to our families, friends, staff, clients, and our therapist. You helped us make our dream possible and kept us from killing each other.

Lessons learned and a fully operational salon and spa, we are excited to see what the future will bring for Cast + Court.


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